Jill C. Hoffman, L.M.T.
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Director of Massage Therapy
Ambrosian Associates

Jill C . Hoffman, L.M.T.
Licensed Massage Therapist

Member of the A.M.T.A.

Graduate of The Bancroft School of Massage Therapy
Jill's Alma Mater - Bancroft School of Massage Therapy

Jill C. Hoffman is a Licensed Massage Therapist who graduated from one of the leading schools of massage therapy in the country.

On your first visit you will complete a brief intake form which asks questions about your medical history and lifestyle. This informs the therapist if there is a area of the body that may need special attention or in the case of certain medical conditions where massage should not be given.

You will be shown to the treatment room and allowed to disrobe in private. In most cases all clothing is removed before treatment begins. Some clients prefer to leave underwear on, and that is ultimately the decision of the client. Massage therapy is most effective when the areas being treated are done with direct contact to the skin and also eliminates the possibility of oil stains to undergarments. There will be clean sheets and towels waiting for you. Lay on the sheet and cover your self with the body towel. You will be fully draped at all times The draping will be adjusted to uncover only the areas of the body that are receiving treatment at the time. Your modesty and privacy are respected at all times.

Therapeutic massage is strictly non-sexual. The session is terminated if there is any kind of sexual interest expressed on the part of the client. Sexual misconduct on the part of the massage therapist is grounds for dismissal from the A.M.T.A. and loss of licensure.

On Site Seated Massage Deep Tissue Massage Swedish Massage, Sports Massage , Trigger Points Oriental Massage

Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Massage Technique, Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Massage Therapy, Chronic Pain Massage, Relaxation Techniques and Massage for the Work Place, Palliative End of Life Care.

For Questions Regarding Any Professional Massage Services Offered Please E-mail Jill